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How to reverse PCOS with diet and lifestyle only without any medication

  • PCOS is a common health condition in many women around the world. The increasing number of PCOS patients primarily, young adults, can directly be linked to an inactive lifestyle and lack of nutritional food. Lack of physical activity, excessive weight gain leads to metabolic irregularities, such as insulin resistance, which is growing rapidly in the Indian population living in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.


  • Fact Check

    One in every 5 India Women is suffering from this very common lifestyle disease called PCOS.

    Many people think they can eat some medicines and get this lifestyle disease treated permanently. But in fact, PCOS leads to many other diseases like diabetes, cardiac conditions, infertility, depression, hypertension and in some cases even gynecological cancers. This ovarian condition can only be managed through specific prescription hormonal medicines.

    PCOS can also be managed and controlled by nutritional diet and 360º lifestyle changes.

    How To Reverse PCOS Naturally In India?

    As discussed, PCOS can be managed by the right food and the right changes in the patient’s lifestyle. But not everything works for everyone equally while managing dietary and lifestyle changes. Some of the specific changes in food and lifestyle that generally works positively in most of the patients are -

    • Reduce the intake of high glycemic foods like Soda, sweet tea, and sports drinks. Fast food: Cheeseburgers, fried chicken, pizza. Bakery/grains: Doughnuts, white bread, cereals. (foods that are broken down quickly by your body and cause a rapid increase in blood glucose are called glycemic foods)

    • Include good quality Desi Ghee in your diet which is good for regulating hormones, providing lubrication to joints and for mental health.

    • Reduce milk intake if your body is unable to digest it properly.

    • Reduce intake of fruits if you are insulin-resistant because some fruits are high in natural sugar. Eat only those fruits which are having low glycemic index.

    • Include probiotics such as Curd, buttermilk, and yogurt improves gut microbiota to regulate insulin resistance which may result in improving PCOS by impacting energy absorption.

    • Brown rice has a low glycemic index that prevents insulin spikes, and contains high fiber that prevents overeating.

    • Foods high in lean protein for a PCOS diet include: Fish like salmon, shrimp, tuna and skinless chicken and turkey.

    • Foods that help reduce inflammation like tomatoes, Kale, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, strawberries and blueberries etc.

    • Keep a limited eating window by fasting for a few hours gives a much needed break to your digestive system and increase your body’s insulin receptivity

    • Adding movement to your life along with some good dietary changes works wonders in enhancing your health. 150 minutes of weekly exercise is ideal for improving PCOS.

    • Exposure to sun is crucial for not just regulating vitamin D, but also for maintaining a good circadian rhythm. We all should Expose ourselves to the sun at least 30 mins every day including those who are living with PCOS conditions.

    PCOS Reversal Management

    Daily activity, Yoga, low sugar intake, and a low-inflammation diet may also lead to weight loss management. People also experience improved ovulation cycles along with weight loss. All these changes are beneficial for managing PCOS conditions.